In addition to writing for the show, "Bar Karma", I also appeared in episodeĀ #10. I was a writer on Al Gore's, Current TV show, Bar Karma, which started William Sanderson, Matt Humprey and Cassie Howarth. Of all the fans that submitted ideas, I was picked, along with a handful of others to become, uncredited writers on the show. Although we did receive credit under our screen names on the last episode. My screen name was hi_maintenancegirl. This idea was the fans pitch story ideas, write treatments and have a say on the direction of the show the show took. It was a revolutionary idea by visionary Will Wright of the video game franchise, "The Sims." A local commercial I just finished is in post-production and I will link to it as soon as it becomes available. I'm also featured in Lara Spencer, from Good Morning America, show Flip Market Flip. The new season begins in January.